Just Be You Challenge

By- Leo Dinendri Wilegoda Arachchi

Just Be You... The words say it all, we wanted every young person to be truly proud of who they are and the achievements they have gained and the achievements that they are to gain in the future.
This pandemic is effecting lives in countless ways, the feeling of isolation and the social distancing is making the younger generation coupe up to a corner scrolling through their social media.

A fact that can be seen is that he/she could affect the mental status of a person hence with the goal of empowering the youth generation this social media challenge began. The components being to include 3 photographs of themselves within 3 major stages of their lives and to include a quote that made a difference to their life in a positive way.  The challenge surely attracted many Leos as well as Non-Leos'. Not only were we enjoying our time with family flipping through old albums many of us learned backstories' of photographs of our childhood.

Seeing our friends take part in the challenge pushed us to comment on their photos strengthening the bond, reading the caption of our fellow brother/sister made us think about the changes we have to make to our life to make sure that we succeed. Empowering a community of young minds through social media a unique yet possible and innovative way to reach out. Another memorable project to add to the memories of this year. We are truly grateful to all those who took part for you never know the difference you made in the life of one person.


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