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Lets Roar for "Mini Roars" - A club fundraiser

By- Leo Chanakya Ranasinghe Leo Lohan with his Mini Roar Being a Leo you are always proud of the service that you provide for the society and it will always be in your heart. But as Leos of Polgasowita, we thought of giving you a symbol to remind you of the great work you render to the society. A simple and Sweet key tag with a lion - MINI ROARS is a fundraiser we initiated aiming Leos as well as non-Leos to collect funds as well as to spread awareness on the Leo Moment out into the public. The specialty of this fundraiser is all these key tags were handmade and purchased from a small business we contacted through Facebook and through this fundraiser we were able to help a family to earn an income by purchasing these key tags too. These key tags were purchased by different clubs in big quantities to provide them to their Leos to present them as a token of appreciation for their hard work which indeed shows the popularity of this fundraiser among the Leos.

බහු භූතයෝ - Fun filled Halloween night

 By - Leo Chanakya Ranasinghe බහු භූතයෝ Celebrating Halloween is not something usually done in Sri Lanka, yet the new trend is slowly sweeping into the lives of the modern generation. We thought of this to be the perfect opportunity to hold on tight to the strong bond within the Leos of A2.  බහු භූතයෝ was organized jointly with our fellow Leo Club, Leo Club of Kalubowila. With Leo Malika as Chairperson, Leo Disali as project secretary, and Leo Chamika as project treasurer the night of horrors and fun was planned under the guidance of the club presidents. The initial idea has been generated from Leo Dinendri the team pooled in with many of their thoughts to ensure that this night was one to remember. A Sri Lankan themed Halloween night where a Yakinna and the Yakha of the night was to be crowned. Multiple games were planned and as the judges was our chief guest District President Leo Mudith who happened to be a pirate on the day along with Guest of Honour Immediate Pa

කසලින් නොසගවන් පෙරහැරක අභිමන්

By- Leo Dinendri Wilegoda Archchi This project has many memories built up to it with Leos' from 4 Leo Clubs joining hands there was a participation of about 30 Leos'. The meetup point was my home and one by one the Leos were joining in. As a few of them headed out to bring the dinner we had prepared the others were mingling and getting to know each other; we as a club were truly glad to see the presence of many of our prospects who were truly eager to start this project. Leos heading to the Perahara road A well known and seeing festivity within our country is perehara's that most temples have. With many ining on both sides of the road to see the colorful dances the majestic elephants and all the glitz and the glam of a tradition been carried out in all parts of our country. Yet after the celebration, the most visible thing is the massive pollution among the sides of the roads even been cleaned by the municipal council, the effect of this is long-lasting. With the

Street Pooch

    By- Leo Chanya Ranathunga Street Pooch in itself was an attempt by the Polgasowita Leos to become provides for those who suffer in silence. How many times have we walked past street dogs and ignored their very existence? Sometimes this vision has become such a common occurrence that we do not even think twice, much less once about these animals. As Leos, we attempted to make a small change and show that one act will actually help out a lot more than what we would have expected. Feeding street pooch is just the start of an initiative that we have taken, and many have followed. Even during this pandemic time, we have continued our monthly attempts at providing a meal for the needy. This project not only focused on the humanity that we must have, but also to the damage we do to the world. Sri Lanka is piling up with food waste and disasters such as the massive landfill explosion that happened and prone. We ask you to join in, not only with this project but with the cause of

The JOY of Christmas

       By- Leo Chanakya Ranasinghe  The true spirit of Christmas lies within the humble acts of kindness that we share with one another. Polgasowita Leos on stage Spreading the joy with gifts No matter which religion you follow Christmas is the time of the year we are all eagerly waiting because it is the season of spreading Joy and Happiness to everyone. As kids surprise gifts from Santa Clause made us so happy that even for now, we cherish and treasure those beautiful moments in our lives. But what happens if u fell ill and have to stay in a hospital for weeks by swallowing  bitter pills that you hated to take in while other kids enjoy their vacation and celebrating Christmas. Therefore this Christmas Leos of Polgasowita along with the Santa Clause from the North Pole decided to visit the children who are getting treatments in the childrens ward of Kalubowila Hospital to make them feel special during their stay at the hospital and remind them that they are n