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Garage Sale- A fundraiser like Never before

By- Leo Chanakya Ranasinghe Some of us like to throw away all the old stuff and get new items for our houses and wardrobes to freshen up everything. But some others do appreciate old clothes, ornaments, shoes, and other items and they love to collect things which have a value and a story behind them. Leos of Polgasowita was in search of a good fundraising project which will help us to generate funds as well as with a positive social impact. our member Leo Gayami Weerasinghe came up with the idea of a "Garage sale" which was a perfect idea for a fundraiser and also a great way to manage waste within our homes by introducing the concept of "One man's trash can be another man's treasure". Pre- Loved Items We collected different items such as clothes, jewelry, shoes, books, and bags from Leos as well as people who are willing to donate and we carefully selected them to be put up for the sale. Going with the traditional concept of garage sa

And the magic begins........

     By- Leo Dinendri Wilegoda Arachchi On the 11th of August 2019 a bright and sunny day, calm and beautiful weather, and yet it was absolute panic, nerves, and a lot of excitement not just in my home but in many. As I got dressed for the big day ahead, the calm and quite creeped in reminding me of the journey we are to embark, a journey many of us were gladly and excitedly looking forward to.  Arriving quite early at the Leo Youth Center seeing the smiling faces of the fellow club members as the entire hall was prepped and ready to go the eye-catching banner displayed on the head table said it all. "19th Installation Ceremony", it was, in fact, the 19th for the legacy of Leo Club of Polgasowita basking in its absolute glory. Being home to generations of young leaders who made it a point to change the society and support the community, young leaders who set examples to many following their footsteps and even 19 years later the pride and the strength can be seen sh