Lets Roar for "Mini Roars" - A club fundraiser

By- Leo Chanakya Ranasinghe

Leo Lohan with his Mini Roar
Being a Leo you are always proud of the service that you provide for the society and it will always be in your heart. But as Leos of Polgasowita, we thought of giving you a symbol to remind you of the great work you render to the society. A simple and Sweet key tag with a lion - MINI ROARS is a fundraiser we initiated aiming Leos as well as non-Leos to collect funds as well as to spread awareness on the Leo Moment out into the public.

The specialty of this fundraiser is all these key tags were handmade and purchased from a small business we contacted through Facebook and through this fundraiser we were able to help a family to earn an income by purchasing these key tags too.

These key tags were purchased by different clubs in big quantities to provide them to their Leos to present them as a token of appreciation for their hard work which indeed shows the popularity of this fundraiser among the Leos. And we also did not forget to sell them to the public as well as for those who are interested in joining the Leo moment which was a success at the end.

Mini Roar given as a token of appreciation


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