A note on Origami- The Art of Folding paper

By- Leo Tharindu Perera

Origami is the art of making different creations by folding paper. This fine art, traditionally inherited from Japan, gradually united the culture and education of the Japanese four centuries ago. Today it has developed into an essential part of the field of education as well as extracurricular activities.

There is a Japanese saying, "The hands are the outer brain." This is because the actions of one's hands can determine the nature of the brain and vice versa.

Swiss jin father Ji, a developmental psychologist, says that hands-on activities can greatly contribute to intellectual development, especially in infancy and childhood. Therefore, two terms in education are used simultaneously in action: understanding and action through action. It has been scientifically proven that by actively interacting with objects in the outside world of the hands, there is an intelligence development process.

By folding a piece of paper into an origami, you develop the ability to be systematic and patient. As we practice our thoughts with a specific purpose and patience in our process, it builds up the courage and strength needed to do certain things in our daily life.

Origami folds has to be done with great care.  Particular concern should be made on  inclination of an angle to an angle, a proper function of the formation of squares and triangles, and the proper bending of one's bends. This may have an impact on the day-to-day decisions, as there is a clear perception of what you are doing, even if not in the first instance.

A professor at Japan's Pilot Training Center once said that the first lesson they teach pilots is by making a variety of paper airplanes and observing how they rise and rise.

In the project "Art of Folding Paper", we are trying to open your eyes to this unexplored area of art and augmenting your interest in origami to shape your life for the betterment.


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